Japanese and Chinese Silk Lanterns As an Option for Decoration

In Japan and China, silk lanterns are used to decorate the dwellings on traditional festivals, gala events and momentous occasions since many years. Today, people from various parts of the world have adopted it. As a result, we see Chinese or Japanese silk lanterns being used not only to adorn the venue but also to enhance the interiors.

Where are silk lanterns used?

They are multipurpose artifacts, and therefore you can use them anywhere on any occasion. Specially crafted Chinese or Japanese silk lanterns for parties add beauty to the decoration, as they are available in a multitude of colors and shades.

While some may use the lanterns as they are, others prefer putting LED (light) in them and hang them on the trees to create an elegant look to outside parties at night. Nevertheless, the use of these lanterns is not only limited to festivals and momentous occasions as mentioned earlier. They are equally preferred to use in interior and exterior decorations. In fact, as compared to other home decor items, these types of lanterns have become more popular. Let us understand some of the reasons of their growing popularity.

Why use Japanese and Chinese silk lanterns?

Affordability: Chinese and Japanese lanterns, as compared to other artifacts, are affordable. In addition, they look beautiful and catch everyone's attention especially when used with lights in them.

Vivid shades: These lanterns come with different shapes, sizes and colors (shades). If you do not have a specific theme in mind, you have a lot of choices. You may find many vibrant colors of silk lanterns such as turquoise, green, yellow, red, fuchsia, plain white, orange, purple and so on.

Various sizes: Depending upon the function and interior around, you have choices to choose the size of lanterns. Most of the online lantern shops categorize these artifacts according to their diameters. For instance, you may have 8", 12" and 16" Japanese and Chinese lanterns available in different colors.

User-friendly lanterns: As compared to other artifacts, Japanese and Chinese lanterns made from silk are easy to carry, fix and maintain. They can be hung upright at any place like ceiling, branches of trees or chandelier and therefore can be used as interior or exterior decoration.

Multipurpose lanterns: While some prefer decorating their wedding hall with mesmerizing lanterns, others use them for a special festivity like Christmas. No matter which event you use lanterns, they make the day unique and memorable.

Velvety touch: Unlike paper-lanterns, these lanterns are made from the velvety material and therefore are very soft to touch. Also, paper lanterns may not last long, but these lanterns can be preserved and used in different occasions throughout the year.

Use round Chinese or Japanese silk lantern as an artifact that brings good fortune or find it merely as an element that adds value to your decoration.

There are many types of lanterns used for different events, silk lanterns being one of them. You may consider Chinese and Japanese silk lanterns for parties

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