Your swimsuit needs to be more than a pretty color and a classic cut. Your choice of swimwear reflects your individuality and style, which makes it an intensely personal and intimate purchase. That is why you should consider owing a designer swimsuit. Unlike generic brands, designer swimsuits have several important elements that make them the logical choice for any woman looking for a quality, unique suit.

1. The latest in fabric technology

Swimsuits take quite a beating. The chlorine in pools and the salt in the ocean eat away at the fabric over time, not to mention the constant washing in harsh detergents. Designer swimsuits are made from the latest technology in fabric. These fabrics, like the Italian nylon lycra blend used by Sauvage, resist fading, puckering and pulling. The finishes on these fabrics stay crisp and colorful for years and the stretch does not go slack after laundering.

2. Global Inspiration

Creators of designer swimsuits travel the globe searching for inspiration. This inspiration shows up in everything from the fabric choices to the cuts to the colors. Nicolita took the deep, rich hue of Italian red wine and reproduced in their bikini, Tuscan Treat. A woman wearing Sauvage's Indian Princess feels like royalty in a yellow swimsuit covered with hand sewn beaded gems. Clearly, this attention to fine detail cannot be found in a mass-produced off the rack suit.

3. Unexpected Embellishments

Creators of designer swimsuits have access to and use embellishments that generic brands simply cannot source. These special accents are come from all types of exotic locations and are hand sewn to ensure the strictest adherence to quality. You will only see panels of silver or gold chains on Beach Bunny's Chain of Fools. Beach Bunny is also fond of mixing gunmetal and stone to create small buttons that discreetly highlight the stretch lace waistbands of Black Magic Woman and Rapture. Meandering snakes (Sauvage, Crystal Snake), shining gems (Maaji, Ruffled Juniperus), Golden O-rings (Nicolita, Desert Dreams)…the choices and creativity are simply unlimited when it comes to embellishing designer swimwear.

4. Exclusivity

The best works of art are not mass-produced. Limited edition prints are valuable for their beauty as well as their exclusivity. Designer swimsuits are no exception. These artistic creations are only available through carefully selected retail locations to ensure your buying experience is unparalleled from swimsuit inception to finding a loving home in your wardrobe. Some designers take extra steps to produce a finite number ensuring that you are one of the few women in the world to own a particular suit. Beach Bunny's Simply Irresistible and Diamond Girl collection are limited edition suits with only a few hundred being carefully fashioned and retailed.

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